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Sinister Serpents Exotics is a brand new, up and coming exotic snake breeding facility, located in Pittsburgh, PA and was founded by Aedryan Methyus. We are currently in the process of building up our collection of snakes and reptiles for very targeted, selective breeding in the projects we have planned. At this time, our primary focus is based around Blood Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Dwarf Reticulated Pythons, Woma Pythons, hybrids and select Ball Python morphs. We are very excited to be breaking into this fun and fascinating industry and we are looking forward to growing, expanding and becoming an active, contributing part of the amazing exotic snake and reptile breeding community. Please be sure to Subscribe To Our Newsletter for periodical updates and be the first to know about the high quality snakes we will be producing and their availability, as well as other snakes we will have for sale as they become available. Official announcements will be released in the very near future!


In addition to the high quality line of exotic snakes we will be producing, our Repti-Store also offers a huge selection of reptile/pet supplies and products. We hope that you will choose us for all of your reptile supply and product needs!

ATTENTION REPTILE BREEDERS! We are very happy to give our fellow members of the snake breeding community the opportunity to list their high quality, healthy snakes for sale in our online store. We welcome and encourage other snake breeders to Contact Us if they would like us to list their snakes for sale on a consignment basis and make them available to our customers.

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The Sinister Serpents Exotics website is officially live! After the past several weeks of development, we are happy to announce the grand opening of our website! In the Repti-Store you will find a HUGE selection of reptile, amphibian and other pet supplies and products for all of your needs at prices you can afford. Please check back often as more and more snakes and reptiles will become available. In the meantime, if you are in search of a particular animal be sure to Contact Us and we will do our best to make it available to you.

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Ball Python Morph Photo
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